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Divine Masculine

Live Video Broadcast

Description: Divine Masculine; The Divine Masculine is an aspect of the Divine, signifying an integration of the ...

Angelic Ones

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

Description: Angelic Ones; The angels are here to guide us through all the different phases of our lives, whether...


Description: You invited to flow with the energy of expressing freely. Beliefs can hold us back; our Heart helps ...

Fire of Transformations

Live Video Broadcast

Description: We start with looking at the Red Phoenix (on the oracle card) qnd the White Phoenix, which came thro...


Live Video Broadcast

Description: Michiel talks about how awakening experiences can be getnle or sudden, and how they can change our l...

Cosmic Heart Source

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

Description: Cosmic Heart Source; We attune to the Cosmic Heart Source, the source that is beyond our concepts an...


Live Video Broadcast

Description: Blessings beyond the Soul Path; A celebration of the New Paradigm, letting go of division and separa...


Live Video Broadcast

Description: Travel; We start with a beautiful message from a healing circle member about a rainbow she saw. We l...

Star Children

Live Video Broadcast

Description: Star Children; We read an email from one of our Healing Circle Members about the global changes. Wha...

Rising to the Pleiadian Frequencies

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

Description: Rising to the Pleiadian Frequencies (broadcast by Michiel); In the introduction I talk about my hear...

Know Yourself

Live Video Broadcast

Description: Know Yourself; We get an introductory healing message from Archangel Michael, We play the crystal py...


Live Video Broadcast

Description: Creation; We talk about manifestation through accessing our creator consciousness and bringing it in...

Family of Light

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

Description: Family of Light; We explore the loving support from our Family of Light, our spiritual guides. ...

Sirian Emissaries

Live Video Broadcast

Description: Sirian Emissaries; The Sirian beings of light are companions in the manifestation of the New Earth. ...

Each video has a duration of about 2 hours

(between1h30mins and 2h30mins)

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