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Divine Feminine

Healing circle date:

Saturday, 16 April 2022

Type of meeting

Live Video through Zoom

Divine Feminine
Structure of the Healing Circle
Divine Feminine

We each have a unique expression, and through embracing our joy we can start to embody the Divine Feminine

One of the biggest confusions is that the Feminine and Masculine are opposite, and the the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are opposite. They are actually aspects of the Divine, and only look like opposites from a linear mind perspective.

The Divine Feminine is a creative source, and when we attune to her we can be in awe of the creative potential. At times this can make us very still. We realize that being is more powerful than doing, because we trust the Divine Flow. Our Joy and our Heart are the keys for embodying the Divine Feminine.

19mins: We go into a meditation by attuning the nature, and Leanne does a beautiful and deep transmission of the Divine Feminine. The message is about allowing everything in our Heart in a space of Love.

1h 10mins: We do a meditation for the collective

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