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Star Children

Healing circle date:

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Type of meeting

Live Video Broadcast

Star Children
Structure of the Healing Circle
Star Children

Star Children

We read an email from one of our Healing Circle Members about the global changes. What is the role of the current crisis in manifesting the New Earth?

We then do an introductory meditation from Archangel Michael. We are taken into a pyramid of light which can assist in allowing old energies to rise up to the light. We are invited to drop any stories that we might carry, and to receive light codes.

The Starchildren are guides from the stars, but they are also new earth children who are presently incarnating on earth. On an inner level we can connect with our cosmic self, which is our higher dimensional self.

We can guide the star children with a loving embrace, to show them that they are welcome on Earth. Michiel talks a bit about his own starchild journey, which was an inspiration for the creation of the card text. The starchildren bring in a whole different vibration and love that we can connect to. This energy is about being in the world but not of it, and being in the Heart.

In a layout, the meaning of this card is about playfulness and loving connection with a stars. If it comes up as a challenge, it's about tuning out but being able to tune back into the world, and accepting the world for what it is. If it comes up as a gift, it's about the beautiful frequencies that we can attune to. If it comes up as internal, it's about our multidimensional aspect, if it comes up as external it's about the new earth children.

Leanne then talks about the art for the Star Children card. This is about the purity of the Star Children, which is why they are blue. Holy beings from other dimensions activate our own inner divinety. The elephant helps the Star Children to put their feet on the ground. This card helps us to understand the vibration, telepathy and sensitivity of the Star Children better.

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