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Healing circle date:

Saturday, 2 May 2020

Type of meeting

Live Video Broadcast

Structure of the Healing Circle


We start with a beautiful message from a healing circle member about a rainbow she saw. We look at an image of the rainbow, and Leanne shares a vision of hope about this.

We go into an introduction from Archangel Michael. We acknowledge our inner space and relax into it. Our family of light invites us to an etheric adventure, to receive codes of light by multidimensional travel. In this, our physical body is a small part of a larger process that we surrender to.

We talk about the meaning of the Travel card, which can be summed up as inner and outer travel. It is about going to a higher altitude from which we have a higher perspective.

Leanne takes us on a long healing meditation, for which it is advised to make yourself comfortable. We sit in an etheric circle and are given a magical carpet, on which we are taken to sacred sites around the world to receive healing light codes. We start in Glastonbury.

  • In Bridies Mount we are invited to let go of old energies and we receive codes of the Divine Feminine.

  • In Chalice well we receive white and red spring water, and dew from the fairies.

  • We do healing for the land on Wearyall Hill

  • On Glastonbury Tor we go through a portal to Lemuria

We then travel multidimensionally to many sacred sites around the world: Mount Shasta, Montana Megaliths, Iceland, Mount Bugarach and the Ural Mountains.

After this meditation we look at the meaning of the card for the collective. Our outer travels are limited because of the lockdown, so we are likely to have more of an inner focus.  The light can work through any situation.

We call in our cosmic guides to create a bridge with our cosmic aspect of our higher self. Pleiadian beings of light guide us in this meditation. From this higher self perspective we can send light to Earth.

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