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Breathe the Sun

Healing circle date:

Saturday, 18 November 2023

Type of meeting

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

Breathe the Sun
Structure of the Healing Circle
Breathe the Sun

In this circle you receive light codes for ascension from the Sun.

The invitation is to use your breath to integrate the codes of light. This is important because 

  1. The breath helps to circulate the energy in different density layers of your body: from the physical to the etheric. 

  2. The breath is also important to maintain the connection with the body, and to avoid going out of body. 

  3. The body is your vessel for sharing the light, and the breath helps to anchor the codes into the body

Using the breath, you are invited to receive the light from the sun through your crown chakra. From there it comes into the pineal gland and spreads throughout the body.

In this circle you receive codes of Christ Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness that aid our healing and ascension. The codes activate your DNA and in this meditation you also receive these energy codes in your blood, your heart and the rest of your physical body. This helps to ease ascension symptoms and to clear the pathway to ascension.

On the ascension journey you are invited to raise your vibration so that your body vessel aligns with the Divine Blueprint. The intention of this meditation is to facilitate your current ascension journey.

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