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Rising to the Pleiadian Frequencies

Healing circle date:

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Type of meeting

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

Rising to the Pleiadian Frequencies
Structure of the Healing Circle
Rising to the Pleiadian Frequencies

Rising to the Pleiadian Frequencies (broadcast by Michiel)

In the introduction I talk about my heart connection with the Pleiadians. We look at who they are, and what kind of dimension they exist in. We can get downloads of benevolent information from the Pleiadians, packets of light codes that assist us in our awakening and healing. 

We can even go beyond space and time to access amazing resources and tools. The Pleiadians are telepathic so they don't need to be in the same physical place. When we attune to this frequency we also start to send out packets of information for collective healing.

We then receive an introductory words from Archangel Michael, which can help us to get into a relaxed stated. Our linear mind might not like to welcome beings that don't look exactly the same. However, the human consciousness can open up to welcome beings that look different, on a personal and collective level. 

This brings us to an introductory transmission from Pleiadian Beings of light, who take us on a healing journey. Through this healing circle, we have opened a channel of light and ascension. The Pleiadians guide us to receive higher frequencies of light, into raising the vibration, through words and light language.

The Pleiadians and Lemurians came together on a Heart Level in a beautiful cooperation of light, to co-create the Lemurian Eden on Earth. When the Pleiadians come to us, they often have a message of Inner Child Healing and raising out vibrations.

I then play the crystal pyramid to lead us into the healing meditation. The Pleiadians invite us into a golden sphere that allows us to travel dimensions, cosmically and to the inner earth. We also receive light codes for different parts en energy centers (chakras) of our body. In the golden sphere, everything is allowed as it is in a space of safety. We also start to send signals into the whole world from this sphere.

We then have an interactive conversation about the subject: Share your favorite ways to raise your vibration, and the vibration of the planet.

The Interactive part of the Healing Circle starts at 1h:14m until 2h:23m when we close the circle by sounding the crystal pyramid

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