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Dear one, do you feel like you’re fighting against the flow? Your heart is wise, and orients towards truth and joy even if others tell you to follow old paradigm rules. It is showing you a way out of fighting with reality, and into your own Heaven on Earth.

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Dear one, do you feel like you’re fighting against the flow? Your heart is wise, and orients towards truth and joy even if others tell you to follow old paradigm rules. It is showing you a way out of fighting with reality, and into your own Heaven on Earth.


"We are so excited to share our joyful creation!
Here are a few of the art and messages, shared with Love."

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Fire of Transformation

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Lemurian Starchild Oracle



Sparkling gems available

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Clear old Trauma/ Release the misaligned energy of others/ Soul Scars / Retune to your Truth

Dear one, do you feel like you’re fighting against the flow? Your heart is wise, and orients towards truth and joy even if others tell you to follow old paradigm rules. It is showing you a way out of fighting with reality, and into your own Heaven on Earth.

Can you listen to your heart’s dreams, or do you think that abundance is impossible? The mind will tell you of dangers and limitations, but your heart tells you of unlimited possibilities. My Lemurian Starchild, this card shows you the difference between the mind and the heart flow.

Look at the Lemurian pool, which is shown on the card, and ask what it has to tell you. This healing pool reveals great secrets when you see your own reflection in it. You might see yourself as the Unicorn, which is symbolic for your spiritual self, your Divine Abilities and Gifts. Or do you see a reflection of the mind? If you see your old identities, with their thoughts, emotions, beliefs and judgments, then this is what you are surrendering.

Have you tried arguing with your own thoughts, or those of others? This is to fight with your own reflection, to forget that you are in a healing pool! Allow the water to calm down, so that you can be clear about your emotional energy. Sometimes you might even see a brother or sister in your reflection, a sign that you are empathically feeling their emotions, and that you are ready to let go.

If you are taken aback by your own reflection, your old identities, then please attune to the spiritual reality. What the physical eyes see, is only a partial truth. You are the one who sees with the eyes of the Cosmic Heart Source.

Allow your spiritual eyes to see beautiful colors in the water. The beautiful shades of turquoise, emerald and bright white light are calling you to go inward, letting you know that you no longer have to follow the vicious circles of the mind. This is what you surrender in the Peace beyond Survival, the letting go of the will of the ego.

If you feel despair, because this process is hard for you, then know that you are being cleansed by the healing waters. This card signifies that your surrender is indeed real, even though it might not feel ideal.

Perhaps you feel confusion because you surrendered to someone else. If it leads to dependency, if it blocks your joyful expression, then know that this is not your final destination. You are honoured if your surrender takes you into these feelings with the opportunity to heal them in this loving pool, so that you can find your heart flow and stand on your own two feet.

As you put your hands up in a gesture of Love for the Divine, your call is answered and you become one with the pool. For an everlasting moment, you are all of the healing water, with your Earth self, and with the Unicorn, your spiritual self. Then you are spiritually reborn, with your light body fully activated, to walk your path of light on Earth.

Attachments and Roles

Identifications - roles, such as with Occupation, Family, Knowledge, even Lemurian, if they have attachments, can become impediments to the flow of divine spirit and its impulses as it seeks to reach into our lives. The same is true if we identify as a Victim/ Perpetrator/ Rescuer, with our past or with our emotions.

What are attachments? In one sense they are limits, places where we have got stuck, accepting less than the flow of God's grace. When we have fear or beliefs in lack and scarcity, we can hold on tightly to what was, interrupting the flow of what truly is. Closing our eyes to what truly IS in any moment is just one way we try to hold on to what was.

Returning to the heart, to the present, connecting with our Soul, and deeper still to our divine Source self, helps us to release any attachments and to come back into the flow of abundant grace. This grace is like living water, like the waterfall in the picture, washing us clean and refreshing our spirits.

Deeply surrendering to the cleansing purification of this divine living water, brings us back to our fragrant freshness, our lightness and our truth. This is the Way (the Tao), The Truth and the Life.

Surrendering to Love and Life

Sometimes you feel sensitive to others because you are picking up their wounds and misalignments, and these are resonating somewhere within you, because you still have similar energy in your field to clear.

These sensitivities or vulnerabilities to the thoughts and opinions of others are gifts, for they help you see where you need to surrender further to God's Love and perspective, to your Truth, and away from misidentifications.

When we surrender to Love, it can feel like we are taking our first steps again, and indeed, we are in a new stage of development. In this stage we are letting go (even more) of our sense of who we were, the ideas of identity we formed without clear vision, which we have been carrying all our lives. Some of these are very subtle and have been running in the background for years, and it is a joyful process of finer and finer purification and release as we open the door and let more and more Life in.

In reality those identifications are just being replaced by more truthful ones. We are learning to discern our Truth from the sometimes toxic, sometimes idealised, projections of others. When we clearly see these projections, they dissolve and we know ourselves once again as the flow of God's Love and we see we have become blessed by being the open door for it.

Ask yourself "am I that?" When you doubt yourself or your worth in some way. Look into your heart for your answer, to both your questions and those of others. There you will find your answer - that you - and they - are Love - you are beautiful Beings of Light. If you see you have made an error, then it is healing to acknowledge that, and to seek the Way of Your Shining Truth, to act in alignment with that.

The more we are able to align with and surrender to the flow of Gods love, acceptance, grace, and Truth, the more our lives reflect that.

Joyful creation and co-creation with your brothers and sisters, joyful living, 'miraculous' healing and wholeness are the New life energies that are returning to this planet. This is the New Lemuria.


Joy of Life

Joy of Life

We, the Lemurian Collective, would like you to play, you and your inner child. There are moments in anyone's life when things get difficult. You feel heavy in those moments, because things are not going the way you want them to go. Rest in our arms, dear one, the arms of the Divine Mother. Let all of your feelings be embraced, until you can smile again. Receive Divine Love until you can roll around on the floor, laughing with the Joy of being alive, at the Divine joke of it all!

The joy of Life can help you find the courage and impulse to go inwards, to find your true creativity. You have something beautiful and unique to share with this world dear one. This creation phase is especially important if you also drew the Comet of Creation.

It is time now to spread your wings and be the messenger of this joy. Even if you are not completely feeling it yet, by giving it you can receive it a thousand-fold.

Imagine that you are the voice of joy, speaking to your inner child.
“You my child are a unique part of an ecstatic and endlessly creative Universe. The Divine Consciousness behind this Universe is flowing with bliss and unending Love, and you are invited to be the chalice for the Joy that is offered afresh to you and all beings every single moment of every day. As the Joy at the heart of Life pours through you, you will be refreshed, revitalised and made new."

The ambrosia of the Heavens is real and it is so delicious, so enlivening, it is natural you want to hold tightly to it. But my Beloved one, you do not need to hold onto it so tightly that your chalice cannot be refilled! You are asked to Trust that in letting go of old joys, you are handing your sacred cup back to God to be replenished with the golden nectar of new joys.

As you open your heart to receive the full Love, Joy and Bliss that are your natural state of being and birthright, you Align with Divine Will to be part of the flow of endless Grace. Expressing your gratitude and appreciation for all the blessings you receive and sharing these abundantly as your cup overflows, just as the Creator shares with you, helps you to stay bathed in Eternity's sunrise.

Visualisation for the Inner Child

The easiest way to welcome joy in your life is to let go of judgement and expectation. Your inner child recognises this on an intuitive level, because it's not anchored into the analytical mind. The inner child knows that the love of God doesn't get less if you feel sad or depressed! By going beyond the mind, joy can reach you in ways you didn't expect.

Visualize now that your heart opens to receive unconditional Love, Joy and Bliss. You are a young dolphin, opening to the Divine Flow of the universe. Around you are many guides, Pleiadian and Lemurian dolphins who are gracing you with unconditional Love and guidance. This is the nurturing that you need as you are developing into an enlightened master of the ocean. You are allowing the lessons and the divine DNA upgrades to come to you.

As you develop your mastery of flow, you get into a phase where you become more aware of others, of the world around you. Now it is important to send love to those who are suffering, even if you see their suffering is not necessary. Even if you are judged or envied, you remain in this loving space. You start to recognize that everyone is in a unique flow of life, including yourself. Each flow is like a river that ends in oceanic oneness.

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