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Elven Ones

Healing circle date:

Sunday, 26 September 2021

Type of meeting

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

Elven Ones
Structure of the Healing Circle
Elven Ones

We attune to the Elven Dimension, one of lightness and joy. The Elven Ones are not affected by any density or polarization around them. They are in a dimension which we call 5½D, which is like 5D but the Elven Ones are able to hop in and out of 3D, when they want to show themselves.

To reach the vibration in which we can connect to the Elven, we first clear our energy of lower vibrations. We then go on a journey to the a beautiful garden, in which we find an Elven Portal. This Portal leads us to their dimension, where we receive their energy.

In the second half there is a meditation with Archangel Michael, which helps to feel safe journeying through these dimensions. We also send these loving vibrations all over the Earth

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