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Sirian Emissaries

Healing circle date:

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Type of meeting

Live Video Broadcast

Sirian Emissaries
Structure of the Healing Circle
Sirian Emissaries

Sirian Emissaries

The Sirian beings of light are companions in the manifestation of the New Earth. They are around us to bring their love, compassion and high vibrations, helping us to see the bigger picture.

We also learn more about Amara, a Sirian being who came to Leanne in a meditation, and connect with her energy. The image of Amara is used on the 'Sirians' card.

Finally we draw cards for members in the live chat, which leads to an interesting meditation about observation consciousness.

Prayer in this broadcast

Dear Divine Mother
Dear Universal Being

Allow me to see the whole universe and world, and humanity without judgement

Allow me to see the joy in everyone and from everyone

Allow me to bring forth codes of manifestation and compassion to relieve suffering for all, from a place of joy. And even from a place of celebration that everything is ascending.

And allow me to be in my heart, allow me to see the higher dimensions, the higher dimensional reality that shows me that everything is taken care of.

Let me be guided and healed by beings of light in this process.

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