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Healing circle date:

Sunday, 17 September 2023

Type of meeting

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

Structure of the Healing Circle

You might feel an energetic effect in your Solar Plex area, this is part of the transformation of the old Solar Plex energy.

The journey of personal souvereignty lead to the unlimited power of the Heart, in which you let go of old world identities.

Key points about this journey:

  • Realise your power

  • Feel your true power in your heart

  • Ask for Divine Abilities to be switched on.

  • Clear old energy and beliefs.

  • Be supported by Light Family.

  • Journey from the solar plex power center (old energy) to the heart.

  • Solar plex energy hold karmic agreements, vows, contracts etc. Leaving those behind.

  • The heart never wants power over others, it's about sharing unconditional love.

  • The belief in karma falls away when you raise your vibration.

  • The Dragon is the guide who takes us into the Higher Dimensions

Meditative Journey

Starts 20 mins into the video

Please have a notepad ready next to you

  • Bringing in dragon energy and inner dragon aspects

  • The dragon is a friend who encourages you to be in your power

  • Your small mind wants to possess power. But when you are truly in your power you easily let any possesiveness from the small mind go.

  • You are invited to feel and reclaim the power in your heart. The dragon guides you through the process.

  • This gives a heightened awareness of the difference between solar plex and heart energy;  Distinction between lower and higer vibrations.

  • Embrace the true power of love inside of you

  • Feeling the Light and Power in your body

  • Shining light on places where you felt your power was taken away from you. You're invited to allow back the power of your heart. This doesn't negate the experience, but it adds more clarity to it.

  • Use your breath to clear any residues

  • Look at the here and now, and feel your freedom. Your mind comes up with reasons why you can't spread your wings

  • Allow old energies to leave through the crown to go back to source. This is our channel of light, old energy moves through the different layers to go back to source, while new energy comes in. We become a beautiful vortex of light.

  • Imagine a situation in which you felt small, then bring your power back to your heart as a practice.

  • Let go of survival ideals from the solar plex, coming back into the power of the heart.

  • Receive Light Language codes that support your sovereignty

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