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Angelic Ones

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Monday, 30 November 2020

Type of meeting

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

Angelic Ones
Structure of the Healing Circle
Angelic Ones

Angelic Ones

The angels are here to guide us through all the different phases of our lives, whether it is an affirmation of joy, the encouragement during hardship, the confirmation of a decision, or the stepping stones towards your next goal.

This month we connect with the Angelic Ones - the angels and guides who are always around us. They give us reassurance, guidance and healing from a place of unconditional love. Archangel Michael is a main guide for me (Michiel) and I will bring through guidance for these times from this loving source.

It will be a deep journey into the Heart.

Leanne: "Aw, we just had a beautiful healing circle connecting with the Angelic Ones. We were opening to our angelic family and aspects, finding their gentle support and lifting presence.

We were helped by them to move forward from judging, pushing away and by doing so, entangling ourselves in what doesn’t align for us, into observing it from an expanded consciousness, which has compassion and empathy, but doesn’t get hooked in. It allows others their own paths and choices.

From this position, bathed in the Love of Source and  wrapped in angels’ wings, it was easier to let go of patterns of things like, fixing, persuading or interfering and instead we saw our choices for ourselves and our own lives. We can choose to step away from energies that don’t align, or that are harmful or in some way disagreeable to us for instance. We don’t have to take responsibility for others. The Angels have always encouraged Trust in the Divine.

When we are not attached, we are often more able to be service in the flow of God/Goddess’s Love."

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