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Cosmic Heart Source

Healing circle date:

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Type of meeting

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

Cosmic Heart Source
Structure of the Healing Circle
Cosmic Heart Source

Cosmic Heart Source

We attune to the Cosmic Heart Source, the source that is beyond our concepts and ideas, which gives us a vision of pure love and light, beyond all form. 

We receive an introductory guided meditation from archangel Michael, which helps us to receive the source energy in deeper layers. We then share words that express the source for us, and experiences with receiving this energy.

The Pleiadians take us on a healing journey to an etheric temple of light, where we attune to a golden vortex. We heal many aspects within, and we can also bring someone else to the temple. We receive many higher frequencies from the guides of our light family. They show us that we can observe anyone we bring to the healing temple, and also our own thoughts and emotions. This gives us insights into relationship dynamics.

We then share about our experiences, and about the journey to be fully back into our body.

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