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Fire of Transformations

Healing circle date:

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Type of meeting

Live Video Broadcast

Fire of Transformations
Structure of the Healing Circle
Fire of Transformations

We start with looking at the Red Phoenix (on the oracle card) and the White Phoenix, which came through after we published the oracle deck, when Leanne had a brain haemorrhage. The Phoenix is about surrender and resurrection, about burning up the old energies.

We attune to our body to hold space for old paradigm energies such as fear and survival. We then invite the fire of transformation to do its work.

I then introduce the blue fire in connection with Archangel Michael. We go into channeled introductory meditation.

After the introductory meditation, I talk about the symbolic meaning of the Phoenix and also the Golden Eggs. The purification process also helps for empowerment. I also talk a bit about my own process with the Fire of Transformation.

We then go into deep meditation. I play the crystal harp and invite you to express your own Light Language. I bring through Light Language and words from cosmic beings from Pleiades. We attune to blue, pink and violet fire and allow the colors to come together.

Within the fire, there are many codes/symbols of light that we can open our heart to. The Pleiadians give information about how the Fire of Transformation is a part of our True Self. We are going back to our purity and love.

After the meditation I talk about the Fire of Transformation in the collective, and I also draw a card

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