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Healing circle date:

Saturday, 30 September 2023

Type of meeting

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

Structure of the Healing Circle

Healing circle: Flow

- Expand your conciousness: being in the flow leads us back to the Source of Creation - Being the love, the lover and the beloved.

- See the bigger perspective in which you are embraced by the Divine. In the flow, old energies and identities fall away.

- Connect with Shambala: is a place where you exist on an ascended level. A gateway between the physical and celestial world.

- Flow with the ocean. The ego is a liferaft but you are invited to dive in the water. Jumping in could feel like the unknown, but on a deeper level you are already familiar with the flow.

- Trust. Flowing is about trust.

- Survival mechanisms that were useful in the old energy become obsolete in the New Paradigm. You are invited to let go.

- Even if we feel our flow is blocked, there is a deeper level in which we are always in the flow.

28 mins: Start of meditation

- Using our breath to bring love to any tension in your body

- The flow presents different doorways for everyone. One doorway is the affirmation 'I am the flow': stepping into the flow of love.

- Feel the energy of unconditional love flow through your body, and to flow through any area of tension in your body.

- Experience that the flow of life doesn't stop. The flow honours everything but doesn't get stuck on anything.

- Activate your knowing of the flow and receive keys to open doors to consciousness expansion.

- Explore the deeper dimensions of the flow with your senses. 

- Recognize a deep intelligence within that embraces everything without expectatations.

- Embrace everything in love, while also letting go of old energies. (they don't oppose each other)

- Activate your multidimensional mind. It synthesizes that which seems opposite to the analytical mind.

- Receive Light Language

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