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Birthing the New Earth

At lovely Glastonbury Galleries, and on-line


Hey Leanne and Michiel, These beautiful prints arrived yesterday! The energy they emanate is so uplifting and transformative. Just as the oracle deck you created More...

Hand-finished prints

canvas review

Delighted to have received ‘Lemurian Shaman’ today. She’s a beautiful vibe print with original light language painted on top, from beautiful people with prompt delivery after the exhibition. I’m excited at the openings I’ve had already and the new vibes she has brought. Thank you 🥰

Exhibition canvases sale

Oracle deck review

I bought these beautiful and magical cards in September 2019 while visiting Glastonbury. The art, the message and the energy of the cards is so amazing! I live in Hawaii and feel so connected to Lemuria through them. Each time I use the cards I find some new and amazing about them. Such a huge blessing in my life Thank You Michiel and Leanne I now need to buy some of the art:) 

DeeAnn- Queen of Keys

Front view of the Lemurian Starchild Oracle Box
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