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Healing circle date:

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Type of meeting

Structure of the Healing Circle

You invited to flow with the energy of expressing freely. Beliefs can hold us back; our Heart helps us to allow this flow.

5mins: Introductory meditation about divine flow of expression. We relax into this energy. Letting go of the past, possibly of not being able to express, being judged for our expression etc. Giving inspiration with our true expression.

15 mins: How do we let got of contractions? 1) Light Language 2) Letting go of judgments from others 3) Embracing our Heart, our True Self. 4) Breathing 5) Creative Expression in all ways 6) Connecting to Light Family. 7) Letting go of Beliefs and acknowledging the value of our expression.

23 mins: Meaning of expression card in a Layout

25 mins: Preparing for deep meditation by starting to connect with Pleiadian Beings of Light. Invitation to receive high vibrational energies of healing and clearing. Invitations relax into your multidimensional self to let go of limiting beliefs and energies. In relation to this process, I also share a bit about my personal journey of expression.

53 mins: Meditation: Sharing channeled guidance and Light Language from Pleiadian beings of light. Guidance how to deal with beings of a lower vibrations. They have tried to block our energy flow through creating traumatic events, especially around the throat (being drowned, suffocated, burned etc.). This can have an effect of internalizing beliefs, and fear of death. The Pleiadian transmission helps us to let go, by receiving the realization of our true nature.

1h.12 mins Meditation (continued) Together, we release old energies through receiving light energies. Receive Light language and crystal pyramid sounds. Channelled words that help us connect with our true self and expression.

1.28 Meditation (continued) We talk about the power and beauty of the breath. We go into an energetic ceremony which helps us to trust our breath and strengthen our energy field. Our breath connects us and brings us together since ancient tribes.

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