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For best results please copy the affiliate link directly from this page. (and not from the browser address bar) This ensures that the buyers currency adjusts to their location.

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Affilitiate Link Program

We would like to share financial gifts of the Lemurian Starchild Oracle with you, our friends of light. Therefore we have set up an affiliate link program, through which we can give you a percentage over oracle deck sales that are made through your referral.

Some people see business and spirituality as separate, or even contradictory. At the same time, third party sales platforms receive a big share of the profit. Could we share with lightworkers instead, to help their purpose of transforming humanities consciousness?

You could be part of the answer to that question! 

Michiel showing Lemurian Starchild Oracle cards and Leanne showing Lemurian Starchild Oracle box, both looking up.
Lemurian Starchild Oracle Box

Advertising Guidance

  • ​Personal, private messages can have a great impact

  • Share your own experiences, reviews and images

  • You can put the link on your website, linktree etc. It can be used an unlimited number of times.

  • Share thoughtful messages about how the Deck has touched your life.

  • We really value your thoughts about the Deck

  • Pls tag us on Instagram: lemurian_starchild_oracle and FB #mylemurianstarchild

  • Please don't spam

  • Top tips so people not only click on your link, but also use it to make a purchase:

    • We have found a much higher success rate when you don't hide the fact that you're making some money when they use your link. By being open about your motivation your audience can more easily sympathize with you. For example, say that you can use a little extra support for your project, or what purchase it might contribute to. :-)

    • Share from your heart to make a personal connection with your audience, so that they feel your integrity and authenticity. They will be more than happy to use your link because of being grateful for your sharing.

    • Attune to receiving abundance as your divine birthright.

    • You need to make yourself visible for people to see you. Let go of shyness, allow yourself to be seen and to express fully.

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Terms and Conditions


  • The referral link can stay active in browser cache for a minimum of one year. After that the link needs to be clicked on again to work.

  • If a customer clears their browser cache, the referral link will get deactivated.

  • A customer can have max 1 affiliate link active at any time. If they click on a different affiliate link for then the old affiliate link gets overwritten.

  • There is an extra step for customers using EU and US distribution. After buying the product they need to click on 'confirm affiliate' on the order confirmation screen.


  • The affiliate program only covers the Oracle Card Deck and the e-book.

  • If there is a discount on an order, a percentage will be taken off the affiliate income related to that order. This percentage is calculated by dividing the order discount over the total amount of that order.

  • Please try to minimize requesting payouts for very low amounts, as they don't outweigh transaction costs.


  • We cannot validate purchases that you make for yourself.

  • Validation is automatic but can be subject to manual change if there is reason to.

  • Please contact us if you think the validation status of a sale is wrongly marked.

Small print

  • There is always a small chance of mistakes on our side, in which case we correct the amounts.

  • We will do everything we can to get your affiliate income to you, however amounts cannot be used to make a financial claim.

  • If you use illegal/illegitimate selling or advertising methods we will remove you from the affiliate program. Affiliate purchases that result from such methods will be invalidated.

To get paid

  • Click the 'request payment' button

  • Please add your paypal address or bank account details (including IBAN if possible) in the form

  • Payment status will be updated from 'unpaid' to 'requested' (and then to 'paid' within a few days after payment)

  • There is a minimum amount of £15 per payout. 


  • Affiliate links do not hold any personally identifiable information of customers.

  • After an affiliate purchase is made, the customer order number is linked to the referral code from the affiliate link. 

  • The order number, order data and client data of sales are private and not visible to members of the affiliate program. You can only see the date of sales for which you get affiliate income, no other data.

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