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Healing circle date:

Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Type of meeting

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

Structure of the Healing Circle

Synchronicities are beautiful opportunities, points in space and time in which Divine flow culminates.

By trusting the Divine we can open up to these opportunities. Synchronicities are like doorways that we can walk through to step into a New Paradigm of Heart Vibration. The Journey of this circle helps to trust these Divine Doorways, and to clear any old energy that might obstruct our view of them, so that they are well within reach.

We can also see Synchronicities as a singularity from which a ripple goes outward into all space and time (past, present, future) and even into other timelines. 

18mins: Journey part 1. Connecting deeper with our Synchronicities. Meditative Journey, Archangel Michael Channeling and Light Language

54.30mins, Light Language sharing, and after that sharing in words.

1h8mins: Journey part 2. We continue the journey with walking through the doorway of new opportunities.

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