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Indigo Child

Healing circle date:

Saturday, 2 July 2022

Type of meeting

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

Indigo Child
Structure of the Healing Circle
Indigo Child

Meditation Leanne: 16mins:30secs

Meditation Michiel: 1h:4mins:30secs

Supporting our understanding of the healing processes for the Indigo Child within us all, are “New Man” energies, new divine masculine templates, that hold space for vulnerability, “Stepping Stones” where we understand that moving forward is watched over by loving supporters, and is a step by step process. We are “manifesting” the love and support we need by honouring our inner light and guidance. 

The unicorn comes forward to remind us we are in essence Pure and as we embrace this truth, and clear old false identities and timelines, we see our lives transformed, in a cocoon of love, a dark and warm womb of co-creation between our Spirit Light selves and our earthly selves, who have been pulled into magnetic descent and forgetfulness. The fire that awakens and reveals truth to us, is tempered in this process, a balancing and resolving symbiosis between Action and Being, burning rage and cooling tears, seeing inconvenient truths and receiving magnificent abundant blessings.

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