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Join the Healing Circle

Do you have the Lemurian Starchild Oracle and would you like to go even more in-depth with it?

Or are you thinking about getting it but would you like to get to know the energy more? 

Every Month we will organize an on-line live Healing Circle which might be helpful for you.

In-depth Introduction Video

You can join from only £3.33 per month

  • Each Month, we pick one card from the deck as a theme.

  • Join Live, or watch the Replays

  • If you don't have time to watch the transmission, you can still access this energy distantly.

Leanne holding chimes, detail (copyright)


Many are in deep processes of healing, but keep going through similar cycles of emotion. And we might ask “haven’t I been through this already? Why again?” If a karmic cycle keeps pulling us back in the same old energies, we need to step back for a moment and look at the facts of the situation.

1. If we get pulled back into old energies and emotion, we haven’t made a clear decision yet about that situation.

2. We can’t will ourself to be clear and decisive, it is deeper than that. But we can clear our energy field which gives us much more space for clarity.

3. We can heal our wounds through receiving the Divine Feminine, and through letting her heal our inner child.

In the Healing Circle

  • We use our Oracle Cards to go deeper into this healing process. 

  • The cards show us divine light codes...

  • ...and integrations that can help us on our path of light.

  • Michiel brings channeled messages from Archangel Michael which 

    • helps us to be receptive for healing

    • brings divine guidance

  • Also Pleiadian beings of light will come through who can help

    • Clear our energy field

    • Show us divine and evolutionary perspectives

Participation is available from only £3.33, in a monthly plan that can be cancelled any time. Audio meditation pages from cards in the Oracle Deck are also included in the plans.

Michiel Shuffling cards in workshop room


We do these healing circles regularly, hence the monthly plans. This will create a nurturing energy and brings us closer together as a community.

People often tell us that “More layers keep revealing themselves in the cards” and we hope to deepen this process in the circle.

We look forward to connecting with you and exploring the cards together in more detail.


Reviews from Participants

The healing circles are events rich of wisdom, kindness from heart and messages for our path life. I appreciate so much, thank you.


Love this healing circle beautiful powerful thanks love blessed mags drury

Margaret drury

Thanks to both of you!!! I really enjoyed the fabulous healing. I missed the beginning so looking forward to the replay and getting into that soft space again. With love and gratitude for the work you do. You really do bring the essence of humanity and truth. I love being in that nurturing vibe with so much fun.

Dianne xx

The healing circle was beautiful and invigorating! I feel emotionally and energetically charged. My body brought me into a trance for most of it. I subconsciously downloaded much more than I could possibly put into words. Afterwards I had the most relaxing nap.  You both have absolutely wonderful energy. I am so thrilled to have been a part of this, even if it was not during the actual live session! I am SO profoundly glad to have access to these online events. If I ever visit the UK looking you up will be one of my top most priorities!!! My soul is crying for joy. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart!  I fully recommend the healing circles!!! 

Andrea Feder

Hi guys, I joined your healing circle.. thanks so much, I got so much from this.. I joined my energies with yours to share around the world. I’ll definitely be passing this on.
Forgot to tell internet was down until 2 minutes before the 3 pm healing circle.., I was so relieved that I could access your live show. I left feeling buzzing with energy.. I’ve been sharing the healing shower visualisation method and downloads with my clients.. also incorporated in a talk I was delivering.. was very powerful. 

I’m so grateful and blessed to have you two lovely people in my life.. 

Theresa Chillingswort


Available Plans:

Blessings Plan £3.33/month - Breathe in Molecules of Light
Divine Plan £4.32/month - Open your Heart to the Universe
Abundance Plan £7.77/month - New Life, New Earth
Cosmic Plan £44 Valid for 12 months (does not autorenew) Cosmic Communication
Rainbow Plan £66 Valid for 12 months (does not autorenew) Universal Child Attunement

In case you want to cancel a recurring subscription at any point after signing up, you can use the subscription management page.

It is accessible in two ways:

  • 'Manage my Healing Circle Plan' from login bar

  • We will also e-mail the link

You can read more about the features of the plans below.

Types of Healing Circles:

Livestream and Zoom

There are two types of Healing Circles, and feeling into the energy of the month we do either

  • Live Video Broadcast

  • Zoom Call

You can watch each month's Healing Circles live or in the replay

  • The livestreams can be viewed directly on the broadcast page.

  • For the healing circles with Zoom, there is a Zoom link on the broadcast page, which directly leads to the conference room.

  • The replay of both the livestreams and the zoom meetings is on the broadcast page

Sharing your experience

During the Zoom circles, you can share your experiences and insights about the card and the healing journey it takes us on. During the livestream, we communicate on the chat.

Structure of the Healing Circle

With each Healing Circle, you receive a transmission guidance, healing and in-depth information about a card. This will help you to go deeper with our Oracle Card Deck, whether you are using it for your own healing process, or you are a professional reader.

You can watch these Healing Circles live or in the replay

Here are all the aspects that we go into for each card:

  • An introductory message from Archangel Michael

  • The Creation process of the card

  • Sharing of and our healing process as creators

  • The message of the Card

  • Deeper meanings of the card

  • Healing channelled meditation for the card

  • Meaning of the card for the collective

  • Channelled meditation to bring healing to the collective

Audio Meditations and Art Downloads

With the Healing Circle, you also get access to audio mediations. Each audio meditation gives you a specific activation for that card, and helps to attune to the energies.

Each audio meditation also comes with a PDF art download for personal use.

Which audio meditations you get depends on the plan you buy

AriseSource8 LC final-page003.png
AriseSource8 LC final-page003.png
cosmic insight4-page006.png
cosmic insight4-page006.png
3 Journey10-page004.png
3 Journey10-page004.png

Click on a card to learn more about the accompanying meditation


Healing Circle Archive

With the Abundance Plan or Rainbow Plan, you also get access to the Healing Circle Archive. Here you can see videos of all the Healing Circles that we've done so far.

Each card has an individual page with its video and an in-depth description.

Screenshot of Healing Circle Archive page on

There are many lovely broadcasts available in the Archive! Each one is 90 minutes to 2 hours, and when you get the Archive you access them any time. You can pick a broadcast that nurtures you in the moment. Below is a list of circles in the Archive.

Available Circles:

Ether and Matter
Share Space
Opening the Heart
Cosmic Circles
Breathe the Sun
Sacred Mountain
Heart of Ascension
Light Language
Blue Ray Being
Ships of Light
Crystal Child
Earth Angel
Essences and Energies
Indigo Child
Heaven on Earth
Stepping Stones
Divine Feminine
Vision of Unity
Depths of Love
The New Man
Elven Ones
Key to your Freedom
Cosmic Self
Rainbow Child
Inner Child Attunement
The Last Cloak
Lemurian Shaman
Divine Blueprint
Divine Masculine
Angelic Ones
Fire of Transformations
Cosmic Heart Source
Star Children

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