Join the Healing Circle

Do you have the Lemurian Starchild Oracle and would you like to go even more in-depth with it?

Or are you thinking about getting it but would you like to get to know the energy more? 

Every Month we will organize an on-line live Healing Circle which might be helpful for you.


Many are in deep processes of healing, but keep going through similar cycles of emotion. And we might ask “haven’t I been through this already? Why again?” If a karmic cycle keeps pulling us back in the same old energies, we need to step back for a moment and look at the facts of the situation.

1. If we get pulled back into old energies and emotion, we haven’t made a clear decision yet about that situation.

2. We can’t will ourself to be clear and decisive, it is deeper than that. But we can clear our energy field which gives us much more space for clarity.

3. We can heal our wounds through receiving the Divine Feminine, and through letting her heal our inner child.

In this Healing Circle

  • We use our Oracle Cards to go deeper into this healing process. 

  • The cards show us divine light codes...

  • ...and integrations that can help us on our path of light.

  • Michiel brings channeled messages from Archangel Michael which 

    • helps us to be receptive for healing

    • brings divine guidance

  • Also Pleiadian beings of light will come through who can help

    • Clear our energy field

    • Show us divine and evolutionary perspectives

Participation is available from only £3.33, in a monthly plan that can be cancelled any time. Audio meditation pages from cards in the Oracle Deck are also included in the plans.

If you have backed us on Kickstarter, or bought a pack of multiple products in our store in 2019, you May Be Entitled to Free Access for the Healing Circle! Find out more!


Join the Healing Circle: 


We will do these healing circles regularly, hence the monthly plans. This will create a nurturing energy and brings us closer together as a community.

There are two types of healing circles:

Livestream and Zoom.


The livestreams can be viewed directly on the broadcast page.



For the healing circles with Zoom, you need to download Zoom (free) and join our conference room mentioned on the broadcast page. During the Zoom circles, you can share your experiences and insights about the card and the healing journey it takes us on.

People often tell us that “More layers keep revealing themselves in the cards” and we hope to deepen this process in the circle.

We look forward to connecting with you and exploring the cards together in more detail.


Are you entitled to free participation in the Healing Circles?

The healing circles are freely available to those who made one of the following previous purchases in 2019

  • Kickstarter backers

  • Blessings Pack

  • Abundance Pack 

  • Multidimensional Pack

  • Starchild Pack

  • Know yourself Pack

Please check beforehand that you have access to the broadcast page.  If you have made a purchase but you don’t have access, please contact us before circle starts and we can add you.

note: these products are no longer available in the same form.

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