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Lemurian Starchild Oracle PDF Book Sample

This Box Set of 88 cards and a 340 page book connects you with the Lemurian energy and with your own precious Heart, guiding you to recognize your inherent Birthright of Peace, Abundance, Love, Harmony and Divine Connection. The central energy of this Deck is the Divine Feminine. Her Unconditional Love shows you how to remember your Original Wholeness.

This is a big deck of sturdy cards. Many people find that a perfect card jumps out while they shuffle it, which connects them with spiritual guides from Lemuria, Pleiades, Elemental, Angelic, Ascended and Cosmic Realms.

The art is a combination of visionary images, sacred geometry and light language. Each card has a title and keywords. The book has corresponding descriptions with channelled information, affirmations and guided meditations.

Receive this energy transmission which doesn't teach linear mind knowledge. The gentleness of this Oracle brings great power and insight to assist in healing deep wounds. (Willingness to reflect on yourself is required to adequately work with this deck).

The 88 gilded cards are grouped in 10 color and symbol coded categories. You can find an overview on the back of the book to easily look them up. The 10 categories are: Arise, Source, Unity, Journey, Depth, Structure, Wisdom, Cosmic Insight, Children of Lemuria and Dolphin Codes.

There are also Layouts in the book. In the ‘Lemurian Starchild’ layout you draw a card for each of the New Earth Children to connect with an inner aspect of yourself.

The PDF below is a sample of the 340 page book that comes with the deck

Please note

  • This Deck does not give you information about the future or your circumstances. It only helps you to listen to that gentle voice of your Heart, and the wise and loving whispers of your Spiritual Guides.

  • The definition of Healing is a realization of your Inner Wholeness.

  • This product is not intended for children. 

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