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Healing Bundle


Healing circle date:

Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Type of meeting

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

Structure of the Healing Circle

Have you been waiting for your manifestations for too long? Or do you feel you've worked too hard? The energy of the Manifest card takes you from a 'waiting' or 'working' mode to a 'trusting' and 'abundance' mode. This different conscious state unlocks doors to your innate manifestation abilities.

Together we open our Heart to a beautiful energy of manifestation which helps with opening our channel of light. With the support of our Light Family we deeply receive codes and energies for manifestation, inspiration and insights. This also aligns our thoughts and our action with Source.

After an opening meditation by Michiel we share our experiences in the circle. Each participant has valuable tips that support our manifestation path.

We then receive beautiful codes from Pleiadian Beings of Light. They show us that we are manifesting and creating beautiful vibrations whether it is through action or stillness. They help our evolution by working on our energy field.

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