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Healing circle date:

Sunday, 20 August 2023

Type of meeting

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

Structure of the Healing Circle

1h50mins video

- Initiations that feel like a terrible betrayal, abandonment or aloneness also give new opportunities when seen from a bigger perspective. This transmission helps to attune to those opportunities from a place of compassion for personal and collective suffering.

- Initiations take us to a new depth, in which we connect with our heart on a deeper level. They can help us let go of old beliefs, find new ways of relating, but most of all, we get to know ourselves on a deeper level.

- Initiations seem to be caused on a physical level, but they are really multidimensional and multi-layered phenomena. We can create a bridge between our multidimensional light and the physical/emotional processes.

- We see the bigger picture in which initiations bring us to a new level in our spiritual development. We access the bigger picture by seeing with the eyes of our light family. They show us that all is well from a place of unconditional love. This perspective puts us in touch with our truth of wholeness.

- Go into the oceanic realms to be in a divine flow during initiations. Allow the light to stream through the water, including any old energies, and allow it to stream through your body too. Your body becomes a vortex of light.

- Go deeper into to ocean, to a place of deep heart connection and truth realization. Feeling your heart connection beneath all emotional turmoil.

- Send old energies to the light while also staying connected with the deeper meaning of experiences. In the depth we can see deeper and multidimensional layers.

- Initiations show us the unknown, which can be scary. But when we face the fear, we open our eyes to the opportunities.

- Initiations are an opportunity to let go of old contracts, vows and agreements. They can be old energies from other dimensions and lifetimes. By letting go we can see with fresh eyes.

- Initiations show new and unfamiliar ways of relating, and even though that can bring up temporary insecurities, it leads to a new confidence from knowing who you are in your heart.

- Initiations offer an opportunity to rise above victimhood by embracing a new story that is different from programming.

- Receive light codes that assist in the initiation process. Allow the water around you and within you to resonate.

- Allow the light codes to stream through muscles and organs, and cleanse and purify energetically, while you are being taken to beautiful places in the ocean.

- The guides from your light family understand the deep emotions that come with initiations, and also the multidimensional and higher perspective. By seeing both of the views (just like your light family) you create a bridge between the emotional and multimensional process. Receive light codes that facilitate building an inner bridge.

- Allow peace, relaxation and wellness, and receive light codes from Pleiadian beings of lights to assist your process.

- Receive energies from the Christ Consciousness, which is multidimensional and not limited to earth.

- Send out the beautiful light that you receive in the ocean. Emanate it to the world.

- Appreciate your physical connection point (body) which is vital for sharing your light with the world.

- Last 27mins: hear the experiences from participants. 

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