Shipping info

Our on-line store is open for business.

International shipping is available.

We recommend tracked shipping which makes it possible to find out where a parcel is in case of a delay. (There is no tracking number for standard shipping)

EU customers: we send out our products from the UK. From January 1st 2021 import tax might apply, unfortunately, because of brexit. If there is import tax, it has to be paid on delivery of your parcel. We are planning additional distribution from within the EU.

Current status:

  • June 2021: there are delays for parcels going to Australia, because of issues with the Australian Postal Service.​​​

Known delays:

There have been a rare delays to remote places such as small islands. Most delayed products get delivered 1-2 weeks later.


If there is a delay greater than 25 working days* (which is very rare), we will resend your order. If the order shipped from our logistics center, and it is proven to be lost, we might be able to resend your order sooner, 29 days after sending, please contact us for more information.

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*: 25 working days after expected delivery date.

The expected delivery date is the shortest estimate within the shipping time frame. e.g. for the US the expected delivery date is 7 working days for standard shipping 6 working days for tracked shipping.

Past delays:

  • 15th February 2021: we have a clearer picture now of the causes of the delays for shipments to the EU in January. We will avoid particular combinations of couriers and countries, and we expect the shipments to the EU to be delivered in a normal time frame again.

  • 6th February 2021: in January, there have been Brexit-related delays for about 50% of shipments to the EU trade zone.

  • 13th January 2021: Delays for UK deliveries in some areas.

  • 20-12-2020 - 29-12-2020 :shipping to the Europe was suspended by Royal Mail due to the new variant of the coronavirus in the UK. Orders to Europe made around the new year can have a a delay of 1-2 days. 

  • December 2020: Delays in local postal service of some countries, due to high volume of post during holiday

  • April/May 2020: Some parcels to the US were delayed, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus