Shipping info during Covid-19

Dearest Visitor,

We hope you are well in these changing times.

Our on-line store and art store continue to be open for business.

International shipping is available.

We recommend tracked shipping which makes it possible to find out where a parcel is in case of a delay. (There is no tracking number for standard shipping)

Current shipping delay rate: 8%

92% of orders are delivered within the time frame which we give at checkout. Please take note of this time frame when you purchase products.

Most delayed products get delivered 1-2 weeks later

If there is a delay greater than 25 working days* (which is very rare), we will resend your order.

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*: 25 working days after expected delivery date.

The expected delivery date is the shortest estimate within the shipping time frame. e.g. for the US the expected delivery date is 7 working days for standard shipping 6 working days for tracked shipping.

We only have destination countries available on checkout for which we know shipping is possible. This includes all of Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Also some Asian and many South American countries 

We have had to switch of standard shipping for Hawaii as the delays are too great. Only express shipping is now available for Hawaii.

Glastonbury, UK

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