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Healing circle date:

Saturday, 11 May 2024

Type of meeting

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

Structure of the Healing Circle

We bring in energies from the higher dimensions to assist with any personal or collective situation. Resolution is trust in the Divine for a natural resolution.

To allow for Divine Resolution we also need

  • To open our mind and heart

  • Come into a space of neutrality and unconditional love

In our meditation we first receive a beautiful formula of light from Archangel Michael, a phrase which helps us bring in our manifestation.

We then start connecting with the body through our breath of light, because this is our vehicle for divine resolution. We then allow the Light language tones to resonate in our body. We let the light language activate our inner wisdom.

We allow new geometries and encodements to activate our DNA. We open our mind and heart to the process.

We then bring in our light family: dolphins, archangel Michael and Pleiadian Beings of light. They show us the potential of our evolution and offer to bring it in. We can resolve anything that we're ready for.

We then allow the vision of resolution to develop further. We allow ourself to see beautiful events and results.

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