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Divine Love

The 'Ether and Matter' poem was written in honour of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine coming together in Divine Union. We remember that Divine Spirit is always materializing in matter, in our lives, as we co-create Heaven on Earth.

Ether & Matter

The Lemurian heart seeded by the Pleiadians giving birth to higher frequencies of love.
The stars calling you to dive deeply with the Whales and the Dolphins. 
The Milky Way rejoicing on it's axis to see you spread your angelic wings. 
The whole universe loving you to be your whole self.

We are in times of great signs and wonders. It is a time of angels and humans living side by side. We are spotting the Heavenly shores after what seems like millennia of being on the sea of Samsara. Now is the time to follow the pure light of your Heart and to step onto the glittering New Earth.

The Pleiadian Starseed from the heavens travelling through the ether....
Transmitting the frequency of loving life-energy.
Activating the time capsules of quantum evolution.
Walking side by side with the humans of light.


We are in times of remembrance.

The Lemurian Pleiadian presence has never left your side.

Now is the time to re-member:

to fully embody and integrate your Lemurian Star self and to fully anchor your highest Light for the New Earth.



The Lemurian Starchild Oracle is a deck of cards offering light-frequency communication through images and messages, to help you connect with your own light and love-filled Lemurian Star Self who will guide you through your Ascension Process so that you deeply and fully anchor and embody your highest light for the New Earth.

With Love, Leanne and Michiel xx

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