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The Magic is in You

Thank you to everyone who visited the art exhibition in Glastonbury this summer or followed on social media! Sorry for a bit of radio silence lately! The exhibition was EXTRA awesome this year, as it coincided with a wonderful new conference that was very much resonant with our work. This was right next door in the Assembley Rooms and we were invited to speak at it after we'd booked the gallery. What a beautiful example of synchronicity as it was a magical convergence of energies and a perfect gathering of beautiful shining awakening people. They were so well attended, they immediately booked the Town Hall for next year, as there weren't enough spaces for everyone in the Assembly Rooms. If you'd like to book a ticket for next year, they're on sale here:

We thoroughly enjoyed the social evenings and watching the live-stream of the conference in the gallery. We were blessed to have our friend Liona Gabrielle as an able assistant in the gallery too this year. She's an amazing reader who was visiting from Barbados and her help was so wonderful, as we were busy for the whole ten days this year.

The work didn't stop there! Apart from a few days in Devon in September, I was delighted to be busy both day and night embellishing prints and greetings cards for orders until we came to the Netherlands last week.


Below is a photographic memoir of the exhibition. All of the artwork can still be sent as unembellished prints straight away, and embellished prints can be made when I'm back from our extended holiday in sunny Lanzarote, in mid November.

If you'd like to order something, please drop me a message here:


Due to needing a rest now, I will be working on design commissions as and when I can in the meantime for those waiting. I appreciate your patience, as the last 5 months have been really busy for me.

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