The Lemurian Starchild Template

Access Your Divine Blueprint

We are so excited to share the Lemurian Starchild Oracle with you, demonstrating how it can help you access your beautiful, ever-present Divine Blueprint. Within you and everyone, is a Lemurian Starchild, who carries all the sacred codes and abilities you were originally created with. This is truly your most natural self, and it is arising again.

Your Lemurian Starchild is your wonderful unique expression, it is your pure light emanation, without all the conditioning originating in separation consciousness.

This old conditioning acted like a veil, covering our clear sight of Unity and Truth, our divine gifts and inner knowings. Now the veil is dissolving, Heaven on Earth is returning and we are being invited to embody our Light, to let go of the old paradigm and to co-create in alignment with our Birthrights.

Lemuria was a truly great civilisation of the Heart, it was the Garden of Eden, before the fall of man into separation consciousness. We are returning to Eden dear ones!

Many are remembering Lemuria and other ascended embodiments now, because Gaia, our Mother Earth, is returning to higher dimensional frequencies herself, which in turn, awakens us. As she ascends into the 5th Dimension, so too are we, her children.

For many incarnated on Earth at this time, the exquisite Lemuria resonances are deeply touching, because we recognise them so profoundly, and we feel how completely natural they are! Tension and burdens just fall away.

Once awakened, our inner Lemurian Starchild guides us as we return to our pure state of Divine embodiment. With our clear sight restored, we can recognise the distortions that have prevailed on Earth for far too long. We can stay focused on the Light in our Hearts, and on Being and expressing the light.

In our shows, through a Lemurian Starchild Oracle Reading, we offer guests an opportunity to experience, explore and integrate their own Lemurian Starchild template, and to open to their own unique divine expression.

If you would like to be a guest, and to benefit from this, which we are offering in exchange for sharing your reading as a demonstration, please message us. The shows are pre-recorded and can be arranged at a time to suit you.

Many Lemurian Blessings of Peace and Love,
Leanne and Michiel xx