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Glastonbury 2019 Exhibition

At lovely Glastonbury Galleries

Thank you to all musicians, poets and other Angels who helped us during the exhibition, and to the lovely staff of Glastonbury Galleries!

Amy and Raphael made beautiful healing music. Amy's paintings are really amazing as well!

Laura Danu, who played beautiful songs, now has her new album Fougou available!

And everyone else who supported us!

Thank you LOX for this lovely and meaningful poem which was read at the opening reception.

Written Poem - "In Search Of a Guide" - Put ALL faith, Into the Majesty of the unknown, The Wisdom of trees, And what you find - under a stone. There are things that trouble, The Human Animal, And even Mice, Have to think twice.  I am an Old Man. These wrinkles tell my story. I've lived alone exploring, The World Of Corruption and all its Glory. Blessed land. But even I need help sometimes. To read a Card. ~ And understand. A guide. The Alchemist, the Therapist and all remaining on my list. The hidden meaning of a drunkard's sentence. Has nothing more to hide, When love reborn by spirit guide, Than a learned compassion, For the Souls Of Mirth, Without a little nurtured help ~ What's life worth? - Lox 2019
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