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Opening the Heart

Healing circle date:

Sunday, 25 February 2024

Type of meeting

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

Opening the Heart
Structure of the Healing Circle
Opening the Heart

Opening your Heart not just to others, but also to your deepest truth; that's what we talk about in this month's circle.

The card is about the interaction between the cosmic and  human aspects of your Heart. Cosmic insights nurture your human heart and human experience nurtures your cosmic heart. The cosmic truth can be too grandiose to understand by your earthly self, but by attuning to it, you receive a part of that truth that is just perfect for the moment.

You are taken to a beautiful solar temple in which you receive Divine energy. You are invited to breathe this light into your physical vessel for rejuvination and DNA activation. There is lots of light codes and light language there.

In our sharing circle we talk about ways to integrate this transmission further; to receive it in every cell of our bodies and bring it with us in our earthly journey. We go into inner tools that help us to achieve this.

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