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Know Yourself

Healing circle date:

Saturday, 22 February 2020

Type of meeting

Live Video Broadcast

Know Yourself
Structure of the Healing Circle
Know Yourself

Know Yourself

We get an introductory healing message from Archangel Michael, We play the crystal pyramid and embrace the loving space as a portal to knowing yourself. Leanne also facilitates a part of this meditation, in connection with the divine mother

We then talk about the meaning and message of the card. The 'Know Yourself' card is about feeling unconfined in our truth and free in our expansiveness.

We then share our ideas about some really interesting questions that were sent in for this broadcast. The questions are both about multidimensional journeying in our healing process.  We talk about creating a safe space through allowing yourself to feel. This can help for releasing through past life regression for example. Sometimes when we heal something in this life, it can also collapse many other timelines from other dimensions.

We also take these questions into the next healing meditation, which Leanne facilitates. We surrender to know ourself on the deepest level, from our Heart. (This is a good meditation to lie down. Headphones are recommended as the volume is slightly lower in this part.) Michiel and Leanne then sing healing light language together in a nice, long and relaxing sharing.

In this meditation, there is also a message from the Pleiadian beings about how their light language can help with neutralizing pathogens.

We then look at the meaning of the card in spread. This is about knowing ourselves on all levels. Depending on which card we draw, it can be telling us to embrace that particular aspect of ourselves.

We then look at why this card came up in the light of current collective events. Many people have been searching for themselves, however they have been searching outside of themselves. Intense world events can bring people deeper to search inside themselves.

We then do a healing meditation for the collective. We bring in an energy of lightness for the world, which helps to cut through the density. We also play the crystal pyramid.

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