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Essences and Energies

Healing circle date:

Saturday, 27 August 2022

Type of meeting

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

Essences and Energies
Structure of the Healing Circle
Essences and Energies

Essences and Energies

- Raise your vibration

- Activate Divine Abilities

- DNA Activation

- Connect with your Light Family

- Emanate higher energies and vibrational essences out into the world

- Let go of old identities

- Attune to your deepest truth

- Flow with Oceanic Consciousness.

In the first part we talk about what Essences and Energies are, and how we can use them..

Essences and Energies nurture and assist us on our path of light.  We can attune to essences of Flowers, but also to colors, or to our Family of Light. We are able to bring in their essence naturally through our energy manifestation, as long as we are aware of this Divine Ability. This Circle assists to bring this in.

23mins to 1h18mins: We go into a meditation that helps us to attune to the Essences and Energies we need. Archangel Michael guides us to let go of old energies, and our old sense of self. This creates space to open up to new Essences and Energies. We are then invited into an oceanic consciousness, to meet the Dolphins and Whales, and also appreciate our human form

After the meditation we share experiences.

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