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The New Man

Healing circle date:

Saturday, 29 January 2022

Type of meeting

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

The New Man
Structure of the Healing Circle
The New Man

We attune to the energy of the New Man, first by bringing in the collective energy together. The New Man, or New Human, is beyond polarity and represents the Power of the Heart. This energy comes in as old structures such as patriarchy and other old paradigm ways of relating are collapsing.

19 minutes: after an introduction we share in the group. We go into interesting insights and questions too:

- Visions of the energy of the New Man

- How to see phases where your vibration lowers and you go back into old ways of being?

- How to clear your energy? Letting go of old energies and contracts, and how about missions?

48 minutes: Main meditation

- Connection with Pleiadian Guides

- Integrating their energies in your body by receiving sounds.

- We receive our cosmic family through connecting to a space ship

1h12 minutes: we share our experiences from the meditations

- colors and shapes related to this energy.

- going beyond polarity and into the heart.

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