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Healing circle date:

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Type of meeting

Live Video Broadcast

Structure of the Healing Circle

Blessings beyond the Soul Path

A celebration of the New Paradigm, letting go of division and separation, and embracing a new clarity which is loving and discerning. We receive blessings which are beyond the soul path, with its old contracts and karmic agreements. In surrendering and releasing these old energies, we get in touch with our true nature which is whole and holistic.

Our card for this months healing circle is Blessings Beyond the Soul Path.

This card helps us in making the transition to the new paradigm in all aspects and areas. The old paradigm told us that we needed to suffer in order to deserve our blessing. We are leaving this behind as we realize our blessed natural state.

We are looking at love, gratitude and forgiveness as aspects of the blessing. These come forward strongly in a surrender to the Divine, where we are guided to divert our energy away from the old paradigm, no longer partaking in old energy dynamics.

Subjects of this circle

  • Surrender, trust, forgiveness and gratitude

  • Blessings from a higher dimension, bringing in something new in our life

  • Introductory meditation from Archangel Michael, receiving the energy and blessings from our guides and angels

  • Deeper meanings of the card, and its creation process

  • In-depth healing meditation from Archangel Michael, focused on heart healing

  • Meaning of the card in a spread.

  • Meaning for the collective: blessings of inner neutrality

  • Healing meditation for the collective in a channeling from Pleiadian guides, to bring this healing frequency to many.

Much love and light,

Michiel and Leanne

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