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Healing circle date:

Saturday, 27 March 2021

Type of meeting

Interactive Zoom Broadcast

Structure of the Healing Circle

The energy of nurture takes us beyond fear, separation, trauma, lack and mental beliefs. You are invited to receive this energy in meditation, through a column of light going into your crown. Light codes are streaming in directly from the Central Sun, without the need for any mental process.

From the Divine Energy there is an invitation to express, and different participants share. Michiel replies to a question about staying connected to our physical body, and another one about having a block in the throat. We use nurturing energy for clearing and stabilization. We also talk about going to the womb space in meditation, and Leanne talks about the Ruby Ray color. 

Michiel also talks about clearing out abusive energy, and bringing love to the Inner Child. There are two aspect, empowerment and letting in the nurturing from the Divine Feminine. The empowerment creates space to bring in the Nuture. When we've cleared our field, we can fully go into second aspect which is letting in the deep Nurturing

We then go back into meditation. We coonect with our Light Family and we scan our field and body for feelings of lack. We let ourself be embraced by the Divine. We work with our breath to let everything be and expand out consciousness. We allow natural change without force, and we are open to inspiration to express in new ways.

The next part is great if you have insecurity or shyness in some parts of your life. This meditation guides you into positive visions that support your True Expression and natural confidence. It also gives you encodements that you can receive in your body energetically.

In this deep meditation we come into an awareness of ourself as Source Light. We receive nurturing from all dimensions, as we allow other energies to flow back to the source through our column of light. We come into a deep rest and allow our light family to support us with the integration of the energies. Michiel expresses tones that supports the process of coming back into the body.

We then do mini readings for participants.

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