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About the

Lemurian Starchild Oracle

"The bridge to a whole new level of Heart Awakening is encoded within all the text and images."

Lemurian Starchild Oracle Logo in Blue

An Introduction

This oracle is a sacred and multidimensional gift from the Lemurians and the Pleiadians, and other beings of love and light, to help us grow and thrive as we begin to recognise the luminous potentials and pathways our Mother Earth is offering us now, as she takes up her own sparkling robes of Ascension.

The deck is a medium for important messages, awakening messages that want to reach you. These messages from the Source come through this writing and art to be delivered to your Heart. The Source is your highest state of clarity, pure light that originates all form.


Many of you remember other incarnations, lifetimes that were joyous and blissful. These other lifetimes are a natural aspect of you because life is not linear, it is not only what you see with your physical eyes. Some of these lifetimes were on Earth, others were on other planets. You might remember peaceful Earthly incarnations with much connection to source-light and nature, but without modern-day technology and engineering. This is the Lemurian dimension, a peaceful and healing space that you can reconnect to now.

The star system Pleiades is the home of the Pleiadians who are bringing a high vibration of love and healing. The Pleiadians provide a vast library of knowledge and guidance, and the Lemurians are an important part of the ‘ground crew’ who are manifesting the spiritual evolution on Earth.

How to use this card deck?

Each card has spiritual significance for a certain aspect of your development. When you draw a card, allow the energies to work with you. Look at the artwork so that you can receive the energy within the art. Then read the text and pay attention to the parts that speak to you.

Through the cards and the text, you can discover or deepen your connection with the Lemurians and the Pleiadians. These beings are around you and want to assist you in your daily life. More and more you can start to hear, see and sense their guidance.


The cards can provide answers to questions that you have inwardly. Sometimes you get a direct answer, sometimes indirect. The answer is always in you in the end. You can find it in your heart. The cards can be a catalyst for this heart connection.

This beautiful deck of 88 cards will help you to deeply recognise and remember who you really are, to joyfully know yourself as beloved co-creator with Source, and to learn to let go with Love, into the Peace that is your very essence.


Each card is infused with the purest guidance, light codes, and energetic gateways to help you as you open to your full birthright; your multidimensional presence, the free-flowing compassion and light of your Higher Self and your sacred gifts and unfoldment.

Lemurian Starchild Oracle Box, Book and Open Stack of Cards with 'Lemurian Guide' on top, rose, candle, crystals
Lemurian Starchild Oracle Box with Flowers and Crystals on the left
Dolphin codes layout for 3 card Readings: Ether and Matter, Fire and Water, Earth and Air

There are Layouts for Readings in the book and the pocket deck app. The pictures are also available for download on this website.

The Lemurian Starchild Oracle Box, Book and open stack of cards with 'Lemurian Guide' on top

Original Deck

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