No More Language Barrier!

Have you been thinking of buying the Lemurian Starchild Oracle, but you were holding out, hoping it would be translated? Well, wait no more! You can now access the full card meanings, meditations and affirmations in 8 languages!

Yes, every card meaning is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian and Italian!

Michiel was guided to create this and he has been coding for a couple of months to build it from scratch. If you already have the deck you can easily look up, translate, and share any cards that you draw, using a tool in the menu.

If you are thinking of buying the deck, but want to try it out first, you can explore the magic by accessing 8 free Lemurian Starchild Activations, each made up of a small stack of the cards.

We would love your feedback on any aspect of using the new site/ online app. Here is a link, to go and check it out!

We would also be grateful if you notice any translations that could be improved as it is auto-translated. Please send us a message with any suggestions.

Sending Love to all, and Many Blessings, Leanne and Michiel xx

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All text & ART © Michiel kroon & Leanne Carpenter

Glastonbury, UK

ISBN: 9781916029200 (box set)
e-book: 9781916029217

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