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Introduction Video: Heart Connected, the Way Forward

Updated: May 27

This is an introduction ahead of our talk: The Way Forward, Heart Connected. This talk will be both in-person and on-line and will take place on Tuesday November 16th 7pm in the Avalon Room at The Courtyard, Glastonbury High Street.

With the recent increase of fear in the collective consciousness many lose connection with their Heart and go into their head. But mentally focused ideas only take them into circles, rather than moving forwards. The Heart needs to be central to clear body and mind from the collective mists.

The idea that you need to save the world is a mental distortion that stems from the idea of a battle between the dark and the light. When you look from a higher perspective, you can see that everything IS actually Light and start to trust the Universe.

Humanity has been around for a long time, there have been about 6 cataclysm where the Earth went through a reset. To come into our Heart we need to let go of beliefs that are ultra-focused on collective events, and start to see the bigger picture. We then stop giving so much energy and power to outside mental energies.

Before the mind distortions came in, there was the Edenic civilization of Lemuria. This was before Atlantis. We can attune to this beautiful nature-based consciousness to come back into our Heart. Coming into our Heart is the way to move forward without effort or force.

We have created the Lemurian Starchild Oracle as a way to attune to the Lemurian healing template, and come into the Heart. We invite you to attune with us and allow yourself to be guided into the Heart.

Many Blessings,

Michiel Kroon and Leanne Ta Iki Anawa

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Unknown member
Nov 10, 2021

Lovely see on 16nov love light Michael and Leanne x

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