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Looking at the New Year

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

When we do readings it’s a case of looking at the energies that are there (for me). Sure, I might intuit how those might unfold, but of course only you decide your pathway, your future, through the gift of free-will.

For me, a good reading is an opportunity to see what’s there in the energy field. Through a sort of quantum Consciousness, each energy tells a story of where it’s been, how it started and how it influences a person.

Beyond those energies are pure Source frequencies of the Higher-Self - the undistorted expression of a person.

As I still find doing readings for others so tiring and I’m still guided to limit these to one or two a month, I asked Spirit to help me devise a reading process for others to do for themselves or friends. I hope you like it. Please do share your photos or comments with us in social media with the tag #mylemurianstarchild

Reading for the New Year

It’s fun to connect with your inner guidance and to allow your intuitive wisdom to help you in your approach to the new year.

I feel it can be like approaching a scene of somewhere you’ve never been.....


* create sacred space.

* listen

* connect with your heart

‪* imagine a nature scene in front of you, feel it, smell it, touch it‬

* draw cards for each placement, keep them face down

* turn them slowly, noting any relationships between your imagined scene and the cards you drew.

1. Hedgerow - at the start of the scene is the plant-life right in front of you. This hedge represents potential obstacles

‪2. Wildlife - related to the obstacle may be blessings‬ for your life

3. Foreground - near influences

4. Middle ground - overlooked or hidden influences

5. Background - the new energies coming in

6. Features - goals

7. Gate - your way ahead

8. Light - the chakra you are working with most

Here is my personal reading


For me, card 1 ‘Joy of Life’ (hedgerow - obstacle), is saying my joy in creating can be a barrier as I get side tracked from my plans and other ‘things to do’.

Card 2 ‘Dolphin Baby’ (wildlife- blessings) is saying, the blessing is, time pressures aren’t on me so I can flow with my dreams.

Card 3 ‘Play’ (foreground - near influences) is saying I can relax and play and it is ok to be happy. 🥲

Card 4 ‘Fire of Transformation’ (middle-ground - overlooked influence) is saying, I’m still in the big process of releasing old energies.

Card 5 ‘Rainbow Child’ (distance - new energies coming) is letting me know that I’ll be anchoring like a pro for the new earth again soon 🌈💗

Card 6 ‘Divine Blueprint’ (features in the scene - goals) is letting me know that my goals are coming from my Divine Blueprint, they’re in alignment and I’m connected with my Higher-Self.

Card 7 ‘The Last Cloak’ (gateway - way forward) is saying the way forward for me is to let go of any old identities that don’t reflect my true nature as a Divine spark, one with Source.

Card 8 ‘Light Language’ (chakra I’m working with most) is saying I’m working with my ‘mouth of God’ chakra - I’m allowing light and love to flow through me through my expression of light-language, art and visions.

I hope you liked this gift from Spirit as much as I did 😍🙏🏼💞 xxx

Happy New Year dear ones, with Lemurian Love from Leanne and Michiel xx 🙏🏼✨💛✨🌈🐬🌟💫🕊🌿🏝💎 🎶

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