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A big Shock

Just a few weeks before the decks arrived, I (Leanne) was taken ill and went into hospital where I then had a rare stroke called a subarachnoid haemorrhage accompanied by an epileptic seizure. The medics said my scans showed it was a very severe bleed all over the brain, and that I might not make it, calling in my family. I transferred to a specialist Neuro hospital and their scans showed the same, but somehow, when I underwent a procedure to mend an aneurysm the next day, the surgeon said the bleeding was small. We aren’t sure what happened, if prayers and healing being sent by hundreds changed the reality, or the first medics mistook kundalini energy for blood, but thankfully I awoke from surgery, happy to see Michiel and I’m now nearly a month home and I’m recovering very well, with only residual symptoms of fatigue and temporary poor eyesight from blood which leaked into my eyes. I just want to thank the hundreds of people who sent us healing and prayed, and supported us in other ways. I am seeing my eyesight get better everyday and I’m finding I can do more too. My biggest thanks go to Michiel who was by my side everyday, lovingly supporting me any way he could, whether cutting up melon for me or shopping for pyjamas.

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Yumi Vega
Yumi Vega
Nov 09, 2022

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Unknown member
Jul 24, 2019

Thanks so much for your comment, Theresa! Leanne is gradually recovering, and we had a great week with the exhibition. It was a beautiful experience for both of us. Thank you for receiving the energies of our Deck! Love&light Michiel&Leanne


Leanne, I’m so pleased and relieved to hear you are making a good recovery after your traumatic ordeal. It’s really great to see you posting messages again. I know healing angels have been with you both throughout.

Blessings to Michiel for being such a wonderful nurse.

PS loving the Lemurian Starchild Oracle cards! The depth of knowledge, inspiration and insight they reveal is simply divine. There is so much to appreciate, absorb and allow. They are stunningly beautiful and a creative wonder.

Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us all.

Lots of love 💕 to you both!


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