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Moving Forward and Marking Transitions

As we surrender and open to more Divine Blessings from our Cosmic Heart Source, more light and love shines on old patterns or energies we are ready to let go of. We are supported, guided and encouraged by our higher selves and families of Light to see things with eyes of the Divine, wherein there is no judgement, only love. Feeling held by the Divine and seeing things this way allows us to Release, let go and enter our next phase of life. A natural marker has come forth to signal this process, the realisation that I’ve been gifted a new surname from Source - Ta Iki Anawa! So I’m going to change it on the next edition of the Lemurian Starchild Oracle and do it legally etc but in the flow 🕊🌿🎶🏝 and in divine timing.

Part of letting go, for me, has been to see with clarity the conditioned narratives that are so entrenched and unquestioned, to break out of them has required great faith in my inner guidance and Great Spirit.

Societal Narratives I have seen casually thrown aside by Spirit in my own life in recent years, are things like:

1. you have to work a 9-5 job - the Holy Spirit said to me through Dolphin Light Family “play and your play will be your work” - and this is my living truth now 🐬🏝😍

2. artists never make any money - Holy Spirit said to me through rich colours of pink and orange “you are loved and provided for by Source who is endless abundance” and “joy is the currency of the New Earth - share your joy and your joy will be met with joy”. 💗🧡💜

3. you have to fight back against oppressors - Divine Grace said to me, “these ones who seek to oppress are in a trance of forgetfulness, send them love so that they may remember. You are free beloved, nothing can take away this absolute truth - you are sovereign - you are powerful - you are Divine co-creator” ☀️💛☀️

On a personal level too I have been stepping out of dynamics and energies that I had accepted as normal and hadn’t really realised were taking away my happiness and heart expression of love and joy. This has been a liberating, but at times, painful process, as I have healed and comforted the parts of me that held on to the hope of sharing space in Love, of a unified vision with everyone, realising that these childhood hopes were leaving me open to being hurt time and time again. After facing the pain of this and realising without judgement that all are journeying their own paths, my inner child has been able to quietly take back her power and response-ability for self-care, leaving others free to walk in their own energies.

This inner healing journey has been mirrored in the external world, as we are witnessing the revelation of the hopes and fears of humanity as a collective. Whilst we all hope for a safe and abundant world for every child born, and share in our love for nature and animals, we are facing threats which seem to be bringing division, rather than united action and community or solidarity.

Whilst there has always been a wealth of ideas about how to achieve these shared goals, it seems now that in the face of imminent threats, such as the virus/ excess deaths in their 100,000’s, or rampant corruption, or child trafficking, or climate change, the stakes are pulling people into a sense of urgency that can leave them blinkered, seeking a saviour, suspicious and reactive.

It is from THIS knee-jerk fight/ flight/ freeze/ float away state that we must awaken from now, back into our hearts, back into communion with Spirit and grounded in our bodies. Back to putting centre stage, our primary goal of wanting a safe and abundant world for all children, young and old.

Lets focus on what unites us. Let’s agree we can hold MORE than one objective/ cause/ concern in mind at a time, and still be doing our part to co-create the New Earth. Let’s recognise that in our Soul Groups we each hold a different part of the Divine vision coming in through our Higher Levels. Please let us remember that the refinement of ideas, hypotheses and plans often comes through discussion and sharing of ideas; that questioning and exploring ideas does not equal disrespect, but is part of a journey towards reaching understanding.

If we as light-workers who have shared space and Divine communion, cannot find space and tolerance for each other’s different processes and world-views or priorities, then what chance do we have as a species? If we look around and see microcosmic playing out of conflict with our friends and family, then is it a surprise that nation is squaring up against nation, even in the midst of this common enemy, the virus?

Can we gather, in the light of our Higher Selves, invoking the guidance of our Higher levels, and the perspective of Source to counteract the efforts to divide us and make us feel disempowered? Can we hold the image of the child in the centre of our hearts, and let that image speak to us about how to be of service in each moment? Can we let “a little child lead us”? 🌿💚🏝👶🏼💗🌸 Michiel and I are hosting a Group in person in Glastonbury called “What is Neutrality and How Can it Give you Health and Abundance” on Tuesday September 8th at 7pm. Details here.

Blessings and Love to All, Let’s envisage reunion in the Cosmic Heart of Oneness! 🕊🌿💚🤍💚🕊🌿

And so it is! Leanne xxx

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