Healing Lemurian Art

Yay! We can't wait! We will soon be Enjoying 9 days of showing our art, meeting people, Live Streaming with readings from the Lemurian Starchild Oracle, channelling from the Pleiadians, Lemurians and Archangel Michael, offering online crystal sound baths and zooming meditations from Glastonbury Galleries. 🐬🌊🧜🏻‍♀️🏝🌿🕊

We hope you can join us there in person, or online, from 11th July to 20th! Please check out the (free) event details Here

It’s so good to express our hearts, receive love, and play, especially when things are worrying or uncertain.

Please watch our little video, for soothing sounds, echoes of your Divine frequencies and some previews of our new art.

Building resilience and community, and tending to our body, mind and soul at these times is so important.

Sending you much love, Leanne and Michiel xx

#lemuria #starseed #5d #Ascension

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