• Michiel Kroon

From Fear to Love

Today we share guidance, light language and crystal harp sound healing from Archangel Michael channelled through Michiel with art and animation by Leanne.

Try not to repress or deny fear by force (false masculine) but bring your loving attention and care to it, allow it to be and hold it up to the perfect healing love of the Divine. This way, you are opening to deeper truth and transmuting the old paradigm energies and programs running in your bodies and lifting them up to your true frequency - Love. You are Love, and by remembering this sacred truth you will find your peace and true gentle flowing strength again ☀️💛🙏🏼💛☀️ Much Love, Leanne and Michiel xxx

Playfulness with Light Language

We also made a cartoony version of the same artwork. The Jaguar has become a more like a cuddly cat now being fascinated with the dolphins. The Jaguar stands for the ability to be, and just be present, and the cuddly cat brings in the playfulness and a bit of mischief. 😍

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All text & ART © Michiel kroon & Leanne Carpenter

Glastonbury, UK

ISBN: 9781916029200 (box set)
e-book: 9781916029217

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