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Bundle Pocket Deck +Book Now 33

Updated: May 10

Our new bundle combines the strength of two products:

  1. Lemurian Starchild Oracle Pocket Deck: Tarot Size Cards, Branded Bag, New Paradigm app for looking up cards on the go.

  2. Lemurian Starchild Oracle Book with all the descriptions on paper.

With this bundle you get

  • Gilded Cards

  • Easy to shuffle

  • All the energy transmissions from the deck

  • 2 ways to look up the cards, digital or on paper

Here are the two ways you can look up the cards

  1. Look up using the category symbols on the cards in the table on the back of the book

  2. OR use the QR codes on the back of the cards. Use your camera app to scan the QR codes, then tap on the link to go to the card meaning.

Either way of looking the cards up will get you to the same card description.

Bundle: Pocket Deck with Book

Introductory price: £33 pounds, €33.33 euro's or $33.33 dollars!

Plus Shipping Offers:

  • Shipping in the US is always free!

  • Free shipping in the EU, temporary offer!

Pocket Deck Only

Price: £19 pounds, €19.99 euro's or $22.22 dollars!

Book Only

Can be used in combination with original box set or pocket size edition

Price: £16 pounds, €17.50 euro's or $19.99 dollars


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