Christmas Blessings Video and....... Exciting News!!!

Updated: Mar 4

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays and Lemurian greetings for this beautiful season! We are wrapping up the card deck project as a beautiful gift for the first months of 2019. Please have a look at our new video which presents our deck and message for the Holidays.

This video lets you

- See more cards from the Deck.

- Receive blessed Lemurian energies from the Lemurian guide Auriel.

- Receive healing and guidance from the stars.

- Connect with your Inner Child.

- Take some time for self-healing.

- Receive Healing from elemental and cosmic beings - Connect with the healing energy of each of the cards.

Each card contains a unique healing energy that you can receive through this video. Some of the cards in this video are:

- Auriel: a Lemurian guide of playful creativity and past-life healing.

- Crown: resolving issues of attachment and allowing in divine energy.

- Elders: connecting to animal guides and ancestors that bring in ancient wisdom.

- Purity: connect with your original purity and alignment

- Know Yourself: self-realisation

- Divine Mother: self-nurturing

- Arcturians: High-vibrational spiritual guidance

- Lemurian Shaman: Supports the deeper process of spiritual integration and healing deep emotional healing.

- Pearl Diver: Following your Heart in times of insecurity

- Elen of the Ways: Following your intuition and nature guidance, and a blessed holiday message.

And Now you can pre-order the Deck!!!!

Our deck is now available for pre-order on the website, and we are keeping the prices fair for you, because we want this energy to be available for everyone.

£33 Lemurian Starchild Oracle Card Deck,

Buying direct from us here, both the Pre-ordered Deck and the Hard-Copy Book will be signed by us and will come with the e-book version (worth £7) for free! We will add more photos to the Oracle Product Page over Christmas when we have the print proof.... tomorrow!!!

Please visit to pre-order the Deck, and also for (canvas) prints, crystals, wands, greetings cards and readings!

Over the past year, whilst we've been in the editing process, we have road-tested the prototype of the Deck in workshops, gatherings and individual sessions with great results; each card that was drawn proved to be highly relevant for the spiritual process of the person. The cards facilitate the ascension and healing process - and our Deck integrates these two inseparable aspects. We would be so grateful if you have been touched by the Lemurian Starchild Oracle cards in any way, if you could leave a commentn or share your experience below.

We will make another blog post and send out another e-mail soon that describe the Oracle Card Deck in more detail - to explain what you receive with each card through the art and the texts, the benefits of the different layouts, the categories, and the doors it opens to the New Paradigm of Conscious Living in the Love and Light.

Lemurian Blessings, Love and Light,

Michiel and Leanne xxxx

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