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What is Acceptance?

At last, after moving and much decorating there is a bit of space for consciously receiving the outpouring Love and downloads from Source!

I am enjoying creating what I have just remembered I was guided to over 4 years ago. The Lemurian Temple of Oneness! Michiel and I are so looking forward to offering Groups, and Healing from here in the coming months.

Michiel is currently in Holland on guidance from Spirit, offering his love and light there. He has been writing a new book and creating a website for Verbal Dancing.

I had this transmission this morning and share with much love.

P.s. the cards are still being edited and so do sign up to get the latest news at our website!

What is Acceptance?

When you are accepting, you are not condoning, or giving up, resigned to a fate predicted by energies of the old paradigm.

It means you are staying open to Source/ Goddess/ Great Spirit/ God's truth and promises, rather than closing up like a hedgehog.

If you can trust that Source/ Goddess/ Great Spirit/ God wants you to be in joy, in Heaven with your Loving families of Light, Angels and Masters, WHILST in your earthly body, then what happens in your life is free to unfold, whilst you remain fluid, in Peace and non-judgement. Unattached to outcomes, because of your trust, you KNOW that a Divine gift is revealing itself to you in all circumstances, no matter how they present.

Surrendering to Source/ Goddess/ Great Spirit/ God's Divine Will and Holy Covenants with us can be scary; we fear that we might be asked to do things which are against our personal wishes ....... but this is just our thinking mind telling us it will be like this! In reality, deep surrender takes us into realms of Grace! We are given wings and strength we didn't know we had before, spiritual gifts and inner knowings which support our deepest healing, our boldest decisions, and our most luminous loving presence for the World.

In receipt of Joyful inspiration, Loving guidance and Divine vision, Dear Ones, trust grows exponentially as we begin to realise that all is Truly Very Well and we are All So Very Loved. ✨💛✨

Lemurian Transmission received by Leanne 10/5/18

#Lemuria #Acceptance #Trust

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