🦌🌞 Solstice Blessings 🐬🐳 Age of Aquarius 🐚🏝

Updated: Mar 10

This Beautiful Solstice marks the Dawning of the Light on New Earth and the start of the age of Aquarius ♒️ ✨💛✨🕊🌿 I’ve felt New Earth plenty, which feels to me like Lemuria, so tangibly present and loving, and crystalline and pure. This is the first time I feel the Age of Aquarius really starting.

This picture came through these past days and it feels to be showing the New Earth Energies arising even further 🌞 So much celebration from Spirit and Lady Gaia as Her hand reaches forth for all. Now is the time to let go of what doesn’t align with the flow of Love.

Despite the challenges from the old energies, know that all is well and celebrate everything you can. This raises the vibration and allows you to feel your blessings more and more. Also enjoy resting and self-nurturing if you can. Join me in sending thanks, love and prayers for strength, refreshment and rejuvenation for those who are working over the festive season, and for all carrying burdens of any kind, to have help in setting them down.

Michiel’s transmission in the Healing circle was exceptional this month and many commented on how powerful and helpful it was. We looked at the Divine Masculine card and had two transmissions from Archangel Michael and the Pleiadians. I thoroughly recommend watching it - it will be available in ASAP. Details here https://www.lemurianstarchildoracle.com/replay

Sending so much love and Lemurian Blessings, Leanne and Michiel.

I feel much is going on, energetically, magnetically

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