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Selling the Deck at the Glastonbury Market

Someone drew the Surrender card at Glastonbury market, and I felt that this must be for me too. I’ve been feeling a bit restless, processing what happened in the past few months while also dealing with moment to moment situations. The way I have been feeling made me wonder if I was resisting too much. But when I then drew a card for myself I got stepping stones, which was showing me that it’s ok to take one step at a time.

We did really well at the Glastonbury market, which is every Tuesday morning, and it was fantastic to meet old friends and travelers. Iris, on the photo, and Joop (thank you for taking the photo) have come from Holland to be in and enjoy the Glastonbury energies. Actually there were a lot of Dutchies around and also a Swedish group who came by and bought a few decks!

We went into the Rainbows End Cafe at lunchtime and escaped torrential rain which started just after we left! We had lunch with Alphedia and family who had come down all the way from Scotland to bring beautiful high vibrational ceremonies to Glastonbury.

Leanne and I are so thankful for all the support and healing we have received lately. We even couldn’t accept some of healing sessions because so many were offered! But we do really appreciate every offer.

Today I put up the Arcturians in our bathroom :-) Not literally, it’s an acrylic canvas that was also in our exhibition. (In the middle of the picture) It gives a whole new vibration to the space. Please contact us if you would like a canvas or acrylic from any of the cards.

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