Sacred Connection with Trees

I've always felt a big connection with trees. To me they are antenna's to the cosmos. I like to touch them and embrace them, to feel this energy and connection. In the Lemurian Starchild Oracle, we have the Tree of Life card, which is about the truth of eternity that underlies all transience.

A dear friend has now written 'Sacred Connection with Trees' full of messages from trees, which can help to deepen this connection. It starts with a beautiful Unity prayer from Hawthorn, on behalf of all tree beings, encouraging us to open our Heart and connect with nature. With each message there is a lovely photo of the tree that transmitted the message.

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Introduction from the Author, Elisabeth White Rose

I had a deep connection with trees as far back as I can remember. As a child, we had a huge walnut tree in front of the house. I loved that tree. We climbed on it as children, sat on the bench underneath it with the whole family in the evenings; the tree was part of everyday life and we valued and respected it.

When I started to hear the trees talking to me, my awe grew and extended into deep friendship and gratitude. In those early years I would suddenly hear the message in my heart, I knew it came from the tree next to me, but I would feel uncertain about how to respond and connect to the tree. Later I learned how to ground, connect and to have long conversations with these magnificent beings.

Then, in 2014, during one of my visits to Glastonbury, a small, beautiful old tree, told me that I was going to write a book about trees. I was told, that by doing so I will honor my soul contract.

Now the book is ready, and it has been a magical journey, writing it.


Within this book, dear reader, you can read the beautiful messages from many trees living around me, or those I met on my journeys. I also received beautiful tree pictures taken by people I know, on their travels, and I communicated with the trees through these pictures.

You can learn how to connect and communicate to trees. You will be able to use these sacred skills to listen, and to send healing to the trees you meet in your daily life. Wherever you live, in big cities or in the countryside, you are surrounded by wonderful trees you can connect to.

The Angelic world is greater than we can perceive and imagine with our human mind or describe with our words. Angels are all around us, but even more so in nature, forests, and beautiful places. I also mention in the book the Archangels of Nature. You can connect with those Angelic Beings working with nature and animals, as well as with the Nature Elementals, as they are present when I connect with the trees. Dragons and Unicorns are wonderful Light Beings, who love nature, animals and us, humans. You can often feel their energy while you connect to trees.

Lemurian healing is a necessary addition to the book, as my own spiritual path is so much connected to this sacred way of healing Mother Earth. I am a lightworker, and as such, my spiritual aim is to help the planet, nature and all the animals. Also, my Lemurian guides helped me considerably with the writing of this book and through Lemurian healing I further developed my understanding of my soul purpose. Each time I meditate in this ancient, sacred way, my connection to every form of life deepens.

Dear reader, I wish you a wonderful journey into the sacred world of the trees and the interconnectedness of life.

Blessed be.

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