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New greetings cards and Oracle Stock

We are happy to announce that we have restocked the Oracle Deck, and there are new designs available for greetings cards. We have been in a slight hibernation/healing mode in the winter, but we are coming back with new inspiration and new offerings.

We also have new ways of promotion such as affiliate links which are in the members menu. We have been active on the Forum which allows for sharing our experiences in a loving community. And we’ve updated the reviews section so it’s divided into different products, after getting lots of lovely reviews.

We've also done four healing circles so far, about the Sirian Emissaries, Light Family, Creation and Know Yourself Cards. We've had an amazing time with them. Check out the paid plans if you are interested to join. They don't cost a fortune, but give you a wealth of resources related to the deck.

We would like to thank you for your loving support and trust in our work, we will continue with our purpose, honouring our creations so far and also renewing our process from within. It wouldn't have been possible without you!

Much love&light,

Michiel and Leanne

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